A B O U T   K O S A N T M

A B O U T   O U R   C O M P A N Y

Kosantm have been manufacturing protective film, tape and cleanroom consumables since 1999. Our protective film has no glue residue. consistent adhesive strength, stable quality, clean surface of the film. 

M E S S A G E   F R O M   P R E S I D E N T 

Welcome to the Kosantm website. We are a manufacturer of cleanroom consumables, PCB material, and protective film. We have long experience and the best technology. We have been doing our best since our foundation to export and develop good products. We are doing our best to provide stable pricing and concentration for new product development. We are committed to launching a new product every year and following the customer's request.

C O M P A N Y   H I S T O R Y 

·    2021-

Open new website

·    2020

PE protective film with silicone adhesive for nail art
Urethane washable mat

·    2019

Antimicrobial Cu Film
Protection tape for optical lens

·    2014

USD5Million Export Tower by Korea Government

·    2012

PE protective film with urethane adhesives

·    2011

Obtained 3M QMB issued by 3M Korea-Quality Management Certification
PE protective film for imitation marble 
PE protective film for smartphone glass

·    2010

USD3Million Export Tower by Korean Government

·    2009

Installation of the second large-width coating line.

·    2008

Promotion of exemplary company (Kimpo Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Developed Prism Sheet
Developed portable cleaner

·    2007

Relocation of the headquarter to Gimpo
Selected as INNO-BIZ by Technology Innovative company
Installation of cleanroom facility for production of protective tape Self-coating operation
Selected as an export promising company (SBSG)

·    2006

Development of Sticky Mat FRAME
Selected as Excellent Small and Medium Business by (IBK Bank)
1 Million US Dollar Export Tower by Korean Government
Confirmation of Venture Business (Technology Guarantee Fund)

·    2005

ISO 14001 certification
Selected as a trade frontier company (Governor of Gyeonggi Province)

·    2004

ISO 9001 certification
SHIELDING TAPE for anti-static
cleaning stick (KS-05A / B)
Selected as a new technology venture company
Excellent venture company impression leader (Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration)
Selected as a quality innovation company (Hankook newspaper)
Small and Medium Business (Entrepreneurship / Gimpocity)

·    2002

Elep Cleaner(Non-woven sticky roller)

·    2001

ADCR-PAD, PCR-PAD, Hand roller
Anti-static sticky mat, Antimicrobial and and roller

·    1999

Foundation of Kosan



since 1999